Google Analytics Removed
We no longer use Google Analytics.
GitHub Action Windows Support

The GitHub Action has been completely rewritten in TypeScript instead of Bash, so it now additionally supports Windows and Mac agents.

Checkstyle support

It's been a long-time coming, but we've added support for Checkstyle reports! Checkstyle is the JUnit of style reporting - except it's actually standardized.

Checkstyle reports are a new feature, so we expect edge cases to crop up as it gets used accross various CI systems. As always, please let us know if you run into trouble.

More forgiving authorization

Docs were a little ambigous on how to set your repo's token. Now, as long as you manage to get your repo's token somewhere in the auth header, it should be accepted. All of the following should work:

curl --user token:YOUR_ID
curl --user YOUR_ID:
curl --user :YOUR_ID
curl --user token:"token:YOUR_ID"
Parser improvements
  • swiftlint reported errors when it should have reported failures.
  • typescript reported errors when it should have reported failures.
  • eslint was parsed as swiftlint.
  • junit sometimes showed passing tests when it should have failed.

    Previously, we had been relying on the root testsuite's summary attributes to determine if the overall check run had passed or failed, but many reporters don't properly include those summary attributes. Now, we take the greater of a given summary value or a count of the number of testcase nodes under that testsuite